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Cape Verde promotes itself in the Canary Islands to attract investment

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

The Minister of Tourism and Transport will promote the potential and opportunities for tourism investment in Cape Verde to entrepreneurs during his visit to the Canary Islands, Spain,

Carlos Santos is presently on an official visit to the Canary Islands, lasting until Friday. The primary focus of this visit is to promote investment opportunities in Cape Verde. Accompanying him is Humberto Lélis, the president of the Tourism Institute.

Santos's agenda is packed with meetings, including discussions with the Canary Islands' regional government, educational institutions specializing in tourism, and representatives from the business sector. Notably, many hotel chains that have invested in Cape Verde also operate in the Canary Islands.

The overarchi

ng goal is to strengthen governmental and institutional relationships and, importantly, to showcase investment prospects in Cape Verde to Spanish entrepreneurs.

Cape Verde acknowledges the Canary Islands' remarkable journey as a globally recognized tourist destination, hosting over 15 million tourists annually, sharing similarities with Cape Verde's potential and specifics.

The government's keen interest in the accumulated expertise and practices of the tourism sector in the Canary Islands underscores the importance of this visit.

Furthermore, Cape Verde underscores Spain's significance in the global tourism sector, being on

e of the world's top tourist destinations and home to the World Tourism Organization


Tourism contributes significantly to Cape Verde's economy, accounting for approximately 25% of its wealth. This visit aligns with the ongoing Tourism Operational Program, focusing on enhancing basic infrastructure, governance, promotion, marketing, and human capital development.

In conclusion, this visit aims to gain insights into the public policy choices adopted by the Canary Islands.


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